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The Reporter newspaper was established by Charles H. Blanchard as the Sandwich Reporter. The first edition of this weekly newspaper was dated June 7, 1883. In the mid 1890s Mr. Blanchard moved the printing operation to North Conway and from March 14, 1895 through June 3, 1909 the paper was known as The White Mountain Reporter. On June 10, 1909 it became known simply as The Reporter until its last issue was published on November 26, 1992.

The Conway Public Library has digitized 24 reels of microfilm from March 14, 1895 to Dec 30, 1943. An additional 46 reels still need to be digitized before the full run of The Reporter can be made available online. If you are interested in sponsoring the digitization of one reel of film (or more), (603)447-5552 for more information.