NH 1776 Liberty Coin and Seal of US

This presentation will explore the meaning of NH 's first coin showing a pine tree on one side and stringed harp on the other and the history of the coin being put into production in 1776 with the title Liberty. 

Other money Michael Callis will discuss is the 1776 Fugio paper money that was illustrated under the watchful eye of Benjamin Franklin. It is considered the first money authorized by the United States of America. The original dollar shows a triangle, in a circle, in a square. The triangle is tracking the shadow of fleeing (Fugio) time doubling as a sundial. 
Also featured in the prestenation will be 1783 Nova Constellatio & the 1783 Georgius Triumpho halfpenny tokens. Both tokens demonstrates a consistent Greek Thracian orphic inspiring mythology of liberty hats and triangles. The 1776 seal of the United States with the eye of providence in a triangle is an important emblem and a mystery ripe for conspiracy until now. 
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Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
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Conway Public Library