Henney History Room

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Henney History Room

History of the History Room

The Nella Braddy Henney History Room was added to the Conway Public Library in 1976. Keith Henney established the Henney Room in 1976 in honor of his late wife Nella Braddy Henney. As historians, they understood the unique historical relationships of the Mount Washington Valley and wanted to have this history room cover the history of more than the town of Conway. As a result, it holds historical materials for twenty-seven towns New Hampshire and Western Oxford County, Maine.

The Henney's met while both were employed as editors for Doubleday Publishers in New York. Neither was a native of New Hampshire. Mr. Henney was born in Ohio, while Nella Braddy came originally from Georgia. She was in the general publishing business, while his field was in editing technical books. Asked in 1976 how long he had been familiar with our Valley, Mr. Henney replied, "Oh, we bought property in the hills of Snowville some 40 years ago but it was not until about a decade ago that we moved here permanently."

History Outside the Box

While in some ways we are a traditional history reading room with rare books, photos and archives that are available for research, in many ways we have also broken way beyond that model. For example, we take our history out on the road. We offer a number of outreach programs, many hands-on based, on topics such as the local Abenaki site, field trips to the Redsone Quarry, historic textiles, the role of the Mount Washington Valley in polar exploration, and so on. We offer these progams to local community groups and to the schools. We also present changing exhibits at the library and can do displays at other places in the community on these topics. We have developed online resources such as walking and driving tours, historical signage, and an ongoing blog. We are also working with the community to develop a PBS television special on the stories of Conway: Our Hometown to begin in the spring of 2019.